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The company is made up of people with a mixture of singing abilities - ranging from non-music readers, to those who are experienced singers from strong choral or operatic backgrounds.    


We are then joined nearer the time of the show by a number of

full-time professional singers and instrumentalists, with impressive performance portfolios, and we all perform together at our innovative and popular shows as a fully integrated company.


It is a privilege and a terrific experience to perform as a unified team alongside these fine professional singers and instrumentalists!

We are experienced in ensuring that members of the Chorus are singing something that's within their capabilities but also promise to help singers progress as much as possible. No one has to sing by themselves and there is a great strength in singing together.  


To help Chorus members, a CD featuring the music for each voice part to be performed at each show is provided for every member.  This helps with rehearsing at home, in addition to the weekly rehearsals.    


The Chorus learns and performs a wide-ranging selection of pieces, from Classical to Contemporary, Opera to Blues, Show Tunes and Pop songs - we cover a wide range of music to make sure that there is something for everyone.    


If you’re worried about passing an audition to get in, fear not – unlike some choirs, there’s no formal audition.    


Each week we give valuable and practical lessons, not just in learning the music and notes, but importantly in vocal technique to develop a confident, high quality sound.  Every member personally benefits from this - no matter what their previous singing experience is.


If you love music and want to learn with others in a positive, welcoming and safe environment, come and say hello to us on Wednesday evenings (7:30 - 9:50pm) at Wesley Methodist Church, Queens Road, Reading. (We start rehearsals for the Spring season on Weds 6th Jan).

About The Witt Morgan Chorus

One of the South's most exciting and innovative choruses:

Ruth, 40s, Alto

"I have always loved singing but was too shy to join a choir.  The chorus were so welcoming and encouraging.  It gave me the confidence to be a part of this fantastic group."

Sarah, 20s, Sop

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be involved and to sing such fantastic music."

James 20s, Tenor

"Just utterly amazing; it was an honour to work and sing with so many creative and talented people - truly humbled!"

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This friendly group of over 70 people welcomes new singers

"The sound produced by the 100-strong Chorus was phenomenal" XN Magazine (April 2015 edition)

SPRING: Choral Concert

12 rehearsals starting Weds Jan 7th & Show on Fri March 31st



SUMMER: Choral Concert

12 rehearsals starting Weds April 29th & Show on Fri July 14th



AUTUMN: Choral Concert

12 rehearsals starting Weds Sept 6th & concert on Fri Nov 24th

2017 Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

SPRING: 'So Far From Home' Full Production Premiere

15 rehearsals starting Weds Jan 6th & Show on Fri April 22nd

(note: there is no rehearsal on Weds March 30th)


SUMMER: Choral Concert 

'an exciting mix of music from the Classical and Pop repertoire'

10 rehearsals starting Weds May 18th & Show on Fri July 22nd


AUTUMN: Choral Concert

12 rehearsals starting Weds Sept 7th & Show on Fri Nov 25th

2016 Rehearsal and Performance Schedule