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You can see clips of some of our recent shows by watching the videos on our YouTube channel.


These clips illustrate the wide-ranging genres and stories in our highly-acclaimed shows.


We innovatively combine different media, such as live-action silhouette animation films, colourful lighting, pre-recorded audio voices, live orchestral music, and on-stage dramatic scenes with great live-singing.


To learn more about some of our recent shows, please visit their websites, see below:

Clips from past shows

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This friendly group of over 70 people welcomes new singers

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We perform at least three concerts a year, some may include fully-staged original productions with an imaginatively-written story.  We will often have the exciting privilege of holding the premiere of one of these shows.


These shows usually take place at Wesley Methodist Church, Queen's Road Reading. This 450-seater venue has superb acoustics for live singing.

"What a sensational show!"

"Brilliant show tonight, loved it...!"

"I can't help feeling that a show of this calibre should be on television "

"so impressed by the quality of the production, and the outstanding singing"

Our shows & concerts


Upcoming Performance dates:

2019 Choral Concert Schedule ...

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7:30pm Friday March 29th 2019 - Wesley Church, Reading


7:30pm Friday July 19th 2019 - Wesley Church, Reading


7:30pm Friday Nov 22nd 2019 - Wesley Church, Reading

2019 Choral Rehearsal Schedule ...

Weds from 7.30pm to 9.45pm starting Jan 9th


Weds from 7:30pm to 9.45pm starting May 1st


Weds from 7:30pm to 9.45pm starting Sept 4th